Weekly Mowing-  mowing  lawn, trimming around house and all other objects, keeping sidewalk edges maintained, and blowing all clippings off walkways and driveway.

Fertilization and Weed Control- I offer four or five step programs with optional grub control 

Mulch-  Includes delivery and installation of Mulch.  Choose from Shredded Hardwood, Cypress, Tinted (red,black,dark brown,mock cypress), or woodcarpet for play areas.

Core Aeration-  Increases air  penetration to the soil by removing plugs of soil from the lawn.  Soil becomes compacted over time which decreases the amount of air within the soil that the roots need.   Core aeration should be done in the Spring or Fall(best).  

Spring Cleanup-  General cleanup of leaves left over from the Fall, cutting back ornamental grasses and perennials, and edging sidewalks for upcoming mowing season.

Fall Cleanup-  General clean up of leaves around the yard and in the flower beds.

Bed Edging-  Includes either creating a new edge for a flower bed, or redefining an existing edge.  Edging is done either with a powered edger or a spade shovel.  Before edging please have all sprinkler heads and underground utility lines marked.

Fall Slit seeding- Fall is the best time to reseed a lawn.  Slit seeding cuts grooves in the soil allowing the seed to make  contact with the soil for better germination rates.

Green Envy Mowing
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